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Sunset Reads – D.C. Triana

3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviewed by Mandy

When William’s Mother Isabel dies, he inherits the Publishing House she owns ‘Sunset Reads’. Cristina is an author who’s books are published by Sunset Reads. And so begins the Love/Hate Relationship between the two.


It’s hard for me to say this but I found it hard to fully enjoy this book. With the storyline and plots within it had the potential to be great but it lacked the drama needed for the plots. I felt it was dragged out a bit and I felt William couldn’t do anything right in Cristina’s eyes no matter what he did or said she was giving out to him and this got a bit tiresome. The book was nearly finished before she finally loved him and then it was over before we got a chance to see the love story blossom between them. I found I had to skim through the last few chapters to get to the end.

While this wasn’t a brilliant read for me if you like your stories to be an easy read with no drama, then you will enjoy the book.



Real by Katy Evans – Audible


Real is the first book in the REAL series by Katy. I’ve listened to her Manwhore and Ladies Man series, so I knew the narration would be on point, and Charlotte Penfield nailed it, she captured the emotion of both Brooke and Remy perfectly, her voice was so easy to listen to and absorb yourself in the story.

Book content, I really enjoyed, especially when talking about Remy’s time in the ring. I’ve read a few MMA books, yet they say nothing about the fighting and just gloss over. I even had to remind myself I couldn’t look for Brooke’s accident on YouTube, it’s fiction Lynsey F.I.C.T.I.O.N.

I’m looking forward to starting the next book (via audio) in the series, and continuing on the Riptide adventure, Mine.


One Jewel E. Ann

REVIEW ONE BY Jewel E. Ann ~ Lynsey

One is a spin-off story from the Jack and Jill series, however, CONFESSION, I’ve not read the series, and I still found the book really easy to follow, and I guess yes if I was to back read I’d probably already know the outcomes, but it didn’t spoil my reading enjoyment in any way.

What’s different about this book’s heroine? yes she’s a gorgeous, independent, no filter, feisty cover model, but Lake Jones is also an amputee. She lives the kind of life I’d love, single, addicted to NetFlix, she’s a peeping Tom, hot neighbour, what more could you want 😉 Jewel E. Ann has done her research into amputee’s, and whilst she was sensitive and sympathetic, she made sure Lake wasn’t a ‘victim’ letting this hurdle shape her life. Cage Monaghan, he’s sporty, NFL quarterback with dimples to die for, Cage met Lake a few years ago when they were both going through various degrees of heart break, so they have a little history, and in true romcom style he’s out to get her back! He’s a likable character, and the attraction between them is evident from the outset.


I enjoyed One, and Jewel E. Ann creative writing, I thought it was a good fun 2nd chance romance, I read that the Jack and Jill series has more suspense and angst? but Jewel E. Ann had her reasons for changing this story and lightening things up, as I mentioned I’ve not read the series, but I’m sure fans will not be disappointed by One.

Happy Release Day Jewel E. Ann


The Unwritten Boxset by Lauren Runow

Review of The Unwritten Boxset by Lauren Runow – Author
(Unwritten #1 & Rewritten #2) by Mandy


Charlie Ashley works as an escort. Sleeping with women is all Charlie knows and wants, No Girlfriends, No Relationships, No Hassles. That was ok until a chance meeting with Allison Hayes blows all his plans out of the water!! Allison makes him feel things he has never felt before. Can he give it all up for Allie? And How will Allie feel once she knows the truth?

At the start of book 1 I wasn’t sure how I felt about Charlie, I wanted to hate him, then I wanted to slap him, but as the book went on and we learn more I started falling in love with him. I loved Allie but as book 2 continued I really wanted to give her a good shake and a pep talk and say look at what you have in front of you. We also got chapters in the POV’s of Allie’s sister Nicole, and Charlie’s friend Paul, while I loved seeing more of these characters I think they took away a bit of Charlie’s and Allie’s story. However I would read their story as I loved how they bounced off each other.

Overall I enjoyed both books, They had passion, hot sex, sass, drama and crazy women!!!! It’s a good book and worth a read.


Counting Daisies by Nicola Haken


Its gone LIVE early, happy release day!!!!

I didn’t know what to expect from Counting Daisies, I just knew Nicola writes a great M/M book and that was a winner for me. I hadn’t read the blurb, I didn’t know what Cameron and Dylan had in store for me. This was a beautifully crafted story of friendship, love, bonds, addictive behaviour and heartache. It was hugely emotional in parts, and Nicola doesn’t hold back.
Without giving anything away, this isn’t just a simple boys to men friends to lovers story, don’t judge by the title it’s not hearts and flowers, there is a much deeper element that cements Cam and Dyl together forever.

And I love DEREK!!!!!

Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente

13775878_638774326285627_7072723384355816062_nREVIEW SPECTACULAR RASCAL BY Lili Valente

Having first had a snippet of Aidan as a supporting character in Lili’s previous novel Magnificent Bastard, I knew he was the resident bad boy of MBC and that he’d help his friends out no matter what, and that ‘no matter what’ starts the book off in a spectacular way! Usually our red hot alpha’s throw out insults that make you quiver in fear and lust, but “Let’s give that sack of amputated goat anuses a show he won’t forget” is one that will live on in the memory bank.

Much like Magnificent Bastard, the book is set in the present, but dips in and out of the past using letters and text messages, these are hilarious, I found myself laughing big belly laughs much to my husbands annoyance, they really gave the story depth and brought it to life. It’s these letter that made me full in love with the feisty Cat, she was a riot of wit and banter, she gave as good as she got in any given situation, and she found herself in a few, which is how the 2 characters came together.

I love Lili’s writing style, it’s packed full of fun, spectacular sex and a little drama along the way. A real feel good read, and the epilogue is probably the best I’ve read 😉

Full review:…

Salvatore by Natasha Knight

Author: Natasha Knight Author Page

5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m really finding a love for the Dark Mafia Books. I’ve yet to be disappointed in one, and Salvatore was an easy hands down 5 stars for me.

At the age of 16, Lucia is forced to sign a contract that will bind her to Salvatore, the Son of Mafia Boss Franco Benedetti sworn enemies of Lucia’s family. Fast Forward 5 years and it’s time for Salvatore to claim Lucia, she plots revenge on the family who ruined her family, Lucia expected a monster in Salvatore, what she didn’t expect was to feel a passion hotter than fire. She was his, and he was her’s.


A must read for all Mafia fans, a story full of heartbreak, sorrow, steamy sex and losing it all and still having to carry on. Lucia is a strong woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself no matter what the cost, I loved how she wasn’t afraid to stand up to Salvatore but he was also the person who brought out her vulnerable side. I loved Salvatore from the start, what is it about the hot Mafia Men, Salvatore was Big, Strong, Sexy and always in control and knows how to handle a big weapon!!!