One Jewel E. Ann

REVIEW ONE BY Jewel E. Ann ~ Lynsey

One is a spin-off story from the Jack and Jill series, however, CONFESSION, I’ve not read the series, and I still found the book really easy to follow, and I guess yes if I was to back read I’d probably already know the outcomes, but it didn’t spoil my reading enjoyment in any way.

What’s different about this book’s heroine? yes she’s a gorgeous, independent, no filter, feisty cover model, but Lake Jones is also an amputee. She lives the kind of life I’d love, single, addicted to NetFlix, she’s a peeping Tom, hot neighbour, what more could you want 😉 Jewel E. Ann has done her research into amputee’s, and whilst she was sensitive and sympathetic, she made sure Lake wasn’t a ‘victim’ letting this hurdle shape her life. Cage Monaghan, he’s sporty, NFL quarterback with dimples to die for, Cage met Lake a few years ago when they were both going through various degrees of heart break, so they have a little history, and in true romcom style he’s out to get her back! He’s a likable character, and the attraction between them is evident from the outset.


I enjoyed One, and Jewel E. Ann creative writing, I thought it was a good fun 2nd chance romance, I read that the Jack and Jill series has more suspense and angst? but Jewel E. Ann had her reasons for changing this story and lightening things up, as I mentioned I’ve not read the series, but I’m sure fans will not be disappointed by One.

Happy Release Day Jewel E. Ann



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