The Unwritten Boxset by Lauren Runow

Review of The Unwritten Boxset by Lauren Runow – Author
(Unwritten #1 & Rewritten #2) by Mandy


Charlie Ashley works as an escort. Sleeping with women is all Charlie knows and wants, No Girlfriends, No Relationships, No Hassles. That was ok until a chance meeting with Allison Hayes blows all his plans out of the water!! Allison makes him feel things he has never felt before. Can he give it all up for Allie? And How will Allie feel once she knows the truth?

At the start of book 1 I wasn’t sure how I felt about Charlie, I wanted to hate him, then I wanted to slap him, but as the book went on and we learn more I started falling in love with him. I loved Allie but as book 2 continued I really wanted to give her a good shake and a pep talk and say look at what you have in front of you. We also got chapters in the POV’s of Allie’s sister Nicole, and Charlie’s friend Paul, while I loved seeing more of these characters I think they took away a bit of Charlie’s and Allie’s story. However I would read their story as I loved how they bounced off each other.

Overall I enjoyed both books, They had passion, hot sex, sass, drama and crazy women!!!! It’s a good book and worth a read.



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