Our Story

We are 2 Girls & Their Kindles. Otherwise known as  Lynsey Goddard and Mandy Desay.
It was our shared passion for reading, authors and attending book signings, that first brought us together back in the summer of 2015 [queue Bryan Adams]. 346 miles and a sea separate us, Mandy is based in the amazing city of Dublin, and I’m originally from London, now living in the appropriately names Reading (pronounced red-ing). After many late night chats about books we decided to set up our very own blog in October 2015, voila 2 Girls & Their Kindles (2GKBLOG) was born.
These past few years have flown by in whirlwind of books, a couple of blogging awards, social media, reviewing and attending over 2 dozen book signings.

About Lynsey:

I’ve recently entered my naughty forties, wife and mummy to 2 gorgeous hellraisers (Evie 13 and Logan 5). I’m originally from London, now living 40 miles outside in Berkshire. My passion for reading started at a young age, I loved Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, my imagination would run wild, but it wasn’t long before I was eyeing up my mums vast book collection (working for Penguin, had its perks), Fabio was on every cover. One of my earliest reading memories is taking the bus to school at 11 years old reading Hollywood Wives (thank you mum-library!), it was a real eye-opener, I not only discovered how to give a perfect blow job, but also the romance genre… I will confess despite reading every Jackie Collins novel throughout my teens I did maintain my virginity until a respectable 18 years old, however, I had a few tricks I was dying to try out…

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We love dirty sexy Alpha male’s. Our top fictional book boyfriends are;

  • Lynsey ~ Hudson Pierce: he’s a strong, protective, brooding, tortured, possessive billionaire alpha, oozing pure testosterone out of every pore.
  • Mandy ~ Bryce Clarke: I love a hot billionaire pantie melting dirty talking Hotel Owner

About Mandy:

I’m 37 years old, single, haven’t been very lucky in love but I’ve drawn the conclusion that I haven’t met ‘The One’ deserving of my love. I began reading at a very young age and the first book I read was Sleeping Beauty. As I got older my first sexual encounter in a book was Lesley Pearce’s Charity but it was a case of in out in out and that was it. Fifty Shades of Grey introduced me to the erotica and I’ve been hooked on that genre ever since and it also helps that Jamie Dornan is now my Christian Grey.

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That’s just a little piece of us, but this is just the start of our adventure.

Lynsey & Mandy

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