How We Review Books

Didn’t do it for me
☆☆ It was OK
☆☆☆ Liked it
☆☆☆☆ Very good
☆☆☆☆☆ Exceptional, can’t stop talking about it

If we feel your book is below ☆☆☆‘s we will not post it on our social media pages. Negativity on social media spreads quicker than butter on toast, so if we don’t like the book in question, based on our own personal opinion, we’ll move on to the next one, we’re not out to make enemies of authors and readers, there is enough war in the world.

A few terms you might see when reading book blog’s and reviews are:

  • HEA = happily ever after
  • TBR = to be read
  • POV = point of view
  • PNR = paranormal romance books
  • YA = young adult
  • DNF = did not finish
Unfortunately there are times we can not post reviews on every book we read, we only post reviews about books we think the general populous will like/love.Authors we are excited to take a look at your submission. Please feel free to email and include the following information:

The Synopsis
Goodreads Link
The Genre (YA, NA, Erotica, Dark, Taboo, Paranormal, etc.)

Lynsey & Mandy

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