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Review of The Cabin by Natasha Preston 

My Rating of 3 out of 5 Stars

The Cabin by Natasha Preston 

A Dream weekend away at a remote Cabin for five Friends turns into a nightmare when two end up brutally murdered. With no open doors or windows and no forced entry, suspicion falls on the reminder of the friends which leaves them wondering just which of them would brutally kill their close friends and why? 
I wanted to read this as it was different to what I normally read, I thought it would be a read full of suspense, grit and a bit chilling but it fell short of all that for me. I did love the Love/Hate relationship between Blake and Mackenzie and their banter back and forth with each other was funny at times. A Good Read but could of been a bit more thrilling and the abrupt ending put a dampener on the parts of the book that I did enjoy.