Review of War Poppy by Nicole Lynne 

My Rating of 3 out of 5 Stars 

War Poppy by Nicole Lynne 

A story about the heartbreaking repercussions of war, the grief, love and heartbreak that is felt and suffered. Having witnessed his best friend killed in battle, Brandon goes AWOL and takes to bare knuckle fighting to cope with his grief and despair. But when Poppy (Friend and Best Friend’s Widow) tracks him down, she believes that they are better together than apart, but as the strain of life and life after war, can these two finally find the peace within themselves with each other? 

A very well written story but unfortunately I couldn’t connect with Poppy and Brandon. I felt Poppy was unable to stick up for herself where Brandon was concerned, no matter what he did or said to her she just took it and he was beyond cruel to her throughout, I did however like Poppy’s friend Hope, she was feisty, stood her ground and let no one walk all over her. 
Overall this story is a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching and tear-jerker of a read


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