Review of Gravity by Lauren Runow

Gravity by Lauren Runow 

My Rating 5 out of 5 Stars 

Gravity is an emotional charged story of childhood best friends that survive plenty ups and downs through the course of there lives together. Lily and Trevin’s road is by no means easy they certainly did walk a rocky and difficult road at times. 
Lily and Trevin have been friends since childhood but when Trevin gets his dream break it tests their relationship to the maximum. While Lily is left behind as Trevin lives his dreams out on stage. Fate has to step in, but can these two find there way back to each other when it seems like fate just doesn’t appear to be in their corner? 
A heartfelt, emotional and romantic story, that will have you leaves you trying to push these two together yourself and yelling as the cruelness of fate just keeps tearing them apart. 


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