The Boss by J.L. Perry

The BossThe Boss by J.L. Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great short sexy office romance, with a twist, I love Jodi, when she writes an alpha she really writes an alpha, but in The Boss we also get to see Harrison’s soft side (a few too many man tears for me, at times I was screaming “man the fuck up” but…), he’s in love with his bestfriend Ethan’s (brother from another mother) little sister Hanna, he’s watched her grow from afar, never making the move because of his relationship with Ethan, but circumstances happen to through them together and you can guess what happens from there.

The story is as much focused on Harrison and Ethan’s relationship as well as Harrison and Hanna’s. But the one character that made it for me was Michelle, Ethan’s wife, if that lady had balls they’d be as big as a wreaking ball. I hope one day Jodie graces us with Ethan and Michelle’s story, and make it full length!

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