Love Unexpected (Love Rehab) by Louise Bay

Love RehabLove Rehab by Louise Bay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



Blake and Mackenzie, Mackenzie and Blake, LOVED these two, they’re not in your face bam insta love crazy naive girl city meets even crazier domineering cowboy alpha, it’s a little bumpy ride that had me a) Googling retreats for my next girls weekend away, I need a ranch, a sharman, a big roaring fire and dudes, a family of at least 3 hot brothers (a caravan in the New Forest is not my preferred choice thank you Google) b) wanting a pair of cowboy boots and 2 step my way to Oklahoma, shoot some pool, neck some whiskey (I settled for a day on the sofa watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and drinking Amaretto in my coffee, but its kinda the same thing’ish)

This book is a little different from Louise’s others, yes Blake is hot! and the sex is as expected from a Louise Bay book smoking! but Blake and Mackenzie are more subtle characters, not commanding a presence type. I personally think where the book is based and context has a lot to do with it, it’s not in a major city, there’s no high heels or briefcases, it’s chilled, laid back, but it still packs a punch just like all Louise’s others.

I had an opportunity to chat with Louise about her research in Love Rehab, and her points of reference, it was an amazing insight where authors draw ideas from and the research that goes into a book to be as factual possible, but equally some of the stories were hilarious… you can learn a lot watching the Real Housewives!

This book is fab, it deserves every star, and I need more!

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