Fool For Love, Karen Ferry

Fool For Love (Believe, #2)Fool For Love by Karen Ferry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



Noteworthy experiences whilst reading this book (best parts, worst parts, quotes etc, personal opinions):

Karen has been teasing her fans on social media for awhile now with #FFL teasers and extracts. Finally I got to sink my teeth in to Garrett and like a dog with a bone I wasn’t letting him go!

Suzy and Garrett’s story isn’t your usual run of the mill boy meets girl, girls falls head over heels, boy has trust issues, boy and girl end up HEA. This is a story about exploring sexuality, friendship, heartache, passion and acceptance. Individually they are great characters, Karen doesn’t like to keep them simple though, she loves to throw a curve ball or 2 too keep her readers on their toes.

What I really enjoyed about #FFL was that the 2 characters and kudos to Karen, were told in UK English (Suzy) and US English (Garrett); making the characters more real.

I’m a fan of cross over character series, as you can build up the bigger picture as each character unfolds, rather than 5 books on the same couple. This series can be read as standalone’s but to really appreciate the characters it’s great to read them in order. I can’t wait for book #3

I love Karen Ferry’s work, I’m fortunate enough to be friends with Karen on her social media pages, and the quirkiness of her writing style, in both Make Me Believe and Fool For Love is endearing, and what she translates into paper, is the passion she radiates online. She is just a genuine feel good person, and talented not only in her books, but her swag is AMAZING! and author I can call a friend.

Rate on a scale of 1-10 (10 being exceptional)
Quality of Writing: 9
Pace: 8
Plot Development:8
Characters: 9
Enjoyability: 9
Insightfulness: 8
Ease of Reading: 9

Out of 5 stars how would you rate this book overall? 4.5 #TeamGarrett

Would you recommend this books to friends/family YES/NO? YES

**ARC received in exchange for an honest review**

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