Heroine Hearts, Kirsty-Anne Still

Heroine HeartsHeroine Hearts by Kirsty-Anne Still

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



Noteworthy experiences whilst reading this book (best parts, worst parts, quotes etc, personal opinions):

OK, firstly not what I was expecting at all from this book! I was channeling a Trainspotting, junkie on the streets of London based book, but what I got was A FUCKING ORGASM mash up of Cocaine Cowboys + Maria Full of Grace + El Cartel and a whole load of other South American based drug trafficking/cartel films (I love a good cartel film).

Isla is living in hell, she’s a drug mule living in a very dark underworld with no way of escaping.
Javier is a newbie just joining the Mexican cartel, he get’s more than he bargained for! If you love dark books, angst, heart stopping drama you’ll love HH, it’s dark and it’s twisted! it’s great to read this by a fellow Brit, usually it’s our cousins the Aussie’s that nail dark angst.

Fantastic book Kirsty-Anne!


Rate on a scale of 1-10 (10 being exceptional)
Quality of Writing: 8
Pace: 9
Plot Development:8
Characters: 9
Enjoyability: 8
Insightfulness: 8
Ease of Reading: 8

Out of 5 stars how would you rate this book overall? 4.5 it was my first read for Kirsty-Anne, and a new author to my ‘must read’ list, great to read something a little different and not based in US, UK or AU

Would you recommend this books to friends/family YES/NO? YES

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