Your Captivating Love, Layla Hagen

Your Captivating Love (The Bennett Family, #2)Your Captivating Love by Layla Hagen

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4.5 sapphires

This is my 2nd Layla Hagen read, and she has fast turned into a go to author for me, and the books in this Bennett series can not come out fast enough!

I’ve just re-read my review of Your Irresistible Love, and it nails it for Your Captivating Love too. Not because it’s the same story in any way, but because I still want to be ‘an adopted Bennett’. This book continues where Sebastian and Ava left us in book 1, but picks up with her best friend clothes designer Nadine, and CFO of Bennett Enterprises Logan Bennett as the main characters. Where Sebastian was the think logic and strategy in everything he does brother, Logan is the protector, take action and deal with the consequences later brother, especially if it’s his family.

Not being lazy, but my previous review really says it all (with a few little additions)… I really enjoyed this book from start to finish, it was a good easy read, perfect for a lazy Sunday on the sofa or sunbed on the beach. It’s not over thought or complex with plot twist and turns so you don’t know your arse from your elbow, it doesn’t have a heroine with family issues, a dark past that she can’t move forward, yes she has some issues with trust as her ex screwed her over but they overcome these together, and Logan isn’t a screwed up alpha with an unrepairable heart, it was simple, light hearted BUT fulfilling.

Layla has made all the Bennett characters in these books easy to relate to, and in this book you just get to see a more of them. I’m looking forward to Pippa’s book next, but the one’s I really want to know more about are Christopher and Max, we’ve yet to scratch the surface with that set of twins.
I sat down to read this after finishing a real heart wrencher of a book, and this is just what I need, light, fun and sexy.
**Arc received in exchange for an honest review**

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