Havoc (Storm MC#8), Nina Levine


5 storming ✮’s

“I don’t shoot for Heaven, I bring it to your Goddamn Door ” Havoc, Nina Levine

Oh Dear Lord Where Do I Begin With This Sexy As Sin Dirty Talking Biker, He Could Talk The Population Of Women To An Orgasm With His Filthy Mouth And That’s Before He Even Touches You. Havoc Is A Nomad And A Loner Forced To Be That Way By The Past Betrayal Of His Friend And Girlfriend. But The Tragic Death Of His Mother Switches A Switch That Changed Him Like Nothing Else, There Was No Going Back From What That  Started. Until He Goes Back Home And Meets An Unexpected Surprises A Women Who Is Completely Not His Type, The Beautiful Carla.

“His lips brushed mine. My nails clawed at his body. His powerful frame threatened to crush me. My legs squeezed his torso. We Kissed and We Clung and We Raged. My body begged him to take the pain from my soul. His body pleaded for me to let him dominate. Breathless. Passion. Anger. Need.”…..Carla

Carla Was So Not Looking For Anything The Night She Walks Into A Bar Pissed At Being Cheated On By Her Ex. What Carla Gets Is A Lot More Than Just A Drink, She Get A Hotter Than Hell Biker Havoc Caldwell. She Doesn’t Want A Biker She Wants A Man With An Education And Stability Everything That Havoc Isn’t.

This Story Is About Finding Exactly What Your Looking For When You Least Expect It, The Catch Is You Have To Look Properly To Find It. Expect The Unexpected And Go With The Flow Of The Situation. Its Also About Finding Yourself And Losing Your Insecurities And Trusting That Someone Loves You For You And Doesn’t Want To Change You. Its Also About Having Family Give Someone A Chance Who They Think Is Not Worth Being Around And Having Them See Past There Judgement And Hostilities They Have For Them To See Them Like You Do. Can Carla And Havoc Overcome All Of The Obstacles That Are Put In Front Of Them To Get To A HEA

“The air vibrated with electricity as we watched each other. This man was the one for me. My Passion, My Protector, My Love. I would never want a man as much as I wanted Havoc”….Carla  

This Book Has It All And I Couldn’t Put It Down Or Stop Thinking About What Happens Next. Nina Levine Most Certainly Know How To Give You Everything You Need From A Book And Then Some. Havoc Has Stolen My Heart, Making Me Want To Save His Broken Soul. This Book Is A Must Read. Go Get It Guys, The Storm MC Rocks And You’re A Fool If You Choose To Pass This Awesome Series By.


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