Soulless, T.M. Frazier

We like to try and be a little different over here at 2 Girls & Their Kindles, so for our review of Soulless, we asked a friend and die-hard Frazier fan if she’d like to guest review for us… we present Donna ‘The Positive Peacock’ Wright

10 Stars At The Very Least This Book Is Epic.
” On my bike with Logan’s Beach blurring around me, I became the Soulless Monster who was willing to spill rivers of blood for My Girl. There were a lot of Motherfuckers heading to hell tonight” T.M. Frazier
Oh Dear Fucking God, Where Do I Begin. This Book Is Absolutely Epic, It Managed To Sucked Me In, Chewed Me Up And Spat Me Out A Shocked Mess Of WTF!!!!
From The Beginning I Was On Tender Hooks Waiting For My World To Be Fucked With By The Evil Genius That Is T.M. Frazier.
I Screamed, I Cried, I Got All Hot And Flustered (Sigh) And I Got Mad As Fucking Hell. This Book Had It All But Most Of All It Had The Shock Factor And Did It Have That By The Bucket Load.
My Favourite Scene From The Whole Book Was Between Ghost Preppy And Thia, It’s Hysterical
“You’re fucking smoking hot,” he says looking me up and down. “You wanna make out?”
“Huh? What?”
“But since Bear’s my friend, no tongue though. Okay, maybe a little tongue, but only because you asked. No dick though. I draw the line there. Okay, only all the way in, but only for like an hour or two. Sound good?”
“What?” I ask again, rubbing my temples and trying to clear my mind so I can get a grasp on what exactly is going on here.
“Okay, okay, just until we both come. Or just me. Or whatever. Ground rules are important when starting a new relationship. I saw that on Oprah and that bitch knows her shit. If you don’t follow her book club you should.” T.M. Frazier

To Say I Loved This Book Is Underestimating It To Be Honest. There Are No Words For How I Feel About This Book And How Amazing A Mind, However Warped That T.M Frazier’s Is Beggars Belief. Completely Spellbinding And All Together Amazefuckingballs. I Recommend It Everyday And Twice On Sundays

” Bear was as Beautiful as he was Hard. He was both the Storm and the Calm. He was as Complex as he was Simple. The Fear, The Solace, The Rage And The Peace. My Life And My Love.” T.M. Frazier

All Hail The Queen Of Mean And Frazierland, T.M. ‘Motherfucking’ Frazier



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