Beautiful Broken Girl, Rachael Tonks


5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title: Beautiful Broken Girl
Author: Rachael Tonks

First of all I will say damn you Rachael Tonks damn you how could you leave me hanging like that!!!! What a rollercoaster of a read, It had some hard hitting situations which Rachael dealt with perfectly, but may be disturbing or triggers for some people.


We first meet Kennedy as she is waking up in hospital in a confused and distressful state. You soon begin to realise that this girl must have been through a horrific experience which we find out just how traumatic it was for her as we get further into book. After the kindness from a woman named Jocelyn at the hospital she is brought to live with Jocelyn until she finds her feet.

Enter the hotness that is Jocelyn’s son Cole, Kennedy feels an electrifying pull towards Cole that she just can’t explain, as the two begin to get closer, Kennedy worries that if Cole finds out the truth of her past he will no longer want to be with her, can she risk telling Cole the truth and lose him forever.

A truly wonderful sexy intense and hard hitting read, but for a debut Novel just wow. Be warned there was tears. I need more Kennedy and Cole. What a bang of a cliffhanger!!!! I need more now Rachael!!!

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