Black, T.L. Smith

BlackBlack by T.L. Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars Reviewed by Lynsey

I love a dark read, and reading the blurb I knew this was going to hook me!

Black lives up to his name, he is as dark as they come, jet fucking black! full of mystery and exerts fear into everyone he crosses paths with, apart from Rose who is beautiful and broken and is Blacks’ light. They share a journey, like a jigsaw puzzle rebuilding each other piece by piece.

I devoured every page of this book (in one sitting), it’s full of suspense and drama, tenderness and love, TL did an amazing job portraying such strong characters and transferring them to paper! The book is fantastically written and keeps you gripped.

If you love a dark read you will love this book forever, if dark reads are new to you, you will love this book forever. The book does end on a ‘cliff hanger’ but it has set things up perfectly for book 2!

A new paperback to add to my growing collection, thanks TL x

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