Lust (The Stripped Bare Series Book One), Elle McKenzie

Lust by Elle McKenzie


★★★★ ~ reviewed by Lynsey

The story starts with Jasmine (Jazz) witnessing something she shouldn’t have, leaving London she moves back to her home town hoping for a fresh start, she soon find’s herself working at Lust.
Max is the manager of Lust a gentleman’s club, he has a strictly no dating the girls policy, until he meets Jazz and all the barriers he has built up start to crumble around Jazz. Max isn’t without his own troubles,  his mum had a stroke and he is dealing with the emotional aftermath of caring for her and his own guilt about putting her into a care home as he can’t cope on his own. Lust was an easy paced read, there were a few twists and turns and the characters were easy to like and well written, especially Max, I just wanted to give him a big ole hug and tell him his mum would be ok and he was doing the right thing. I will definitely be reading book 2!


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