Black, TL Smith

T.L Smith – Black – Excerpt –

Releases January 29th!


I am loyal, but I will betray you.

I am strong, but I have scars.

I am an angel, but the devil.

I met her when I was sixteen and she was a breath of fresh air. She

swooped in, making me smile. But then she left, taking my next

breath with her.

Her smile could light up a room, making my black heart pitter patter.

I found her again ten years later, with a syringe in her arm.

Blood coming from between her legs.

She was broken and I was glad she was broken. She wouldn’t think

less of me and my damaged ways.

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“They say I bring nothing but black, darkness. Though, when I’m

with you, all I see is color, and fuck, it’s the best thing I’ve ever

seen, Rose,” he says from between my breasts. I reach for my shirt

and pull it free, then unclasp my bra. His head lifts while I do this,

then he lays right back between them. His breath is heavy and hot on

my nipple.

My body shakes, excitement fills me. He does this to me, puts all the

right emotions back into me. How could someone with what they

say is a black soul do such things to another human being? He isn’t

what they say, not when he’s with me. He’s nothing but good,

caring, and even loveable when he’s with me.

“I’m going to claim you, Rose,” he whispers and his mouth touches

my nipple softly, making me squirm. He licks it, then kisses it, then

bites it hard. Pulling it between his teeth.

“Why?” I ask, gripping his hair tight.

“Because I will make you never forget me.”

“I could never forget you.”

“You did once.”

“I didn’t.”


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