Indigo Nights, Louise Bay

Indigo NightsIndigo Nights by Louise Bay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★★★★.5 delicious stars
Louise Bay fans will not be disappointed with Mr 8A and Beth the Baker, as they come together in this sweet treat of a book.

“he’s gorgeous, rich and powerful, and I think his penis might have magic powers”

This is a standalone read, but as with several of Louise’s books the characters may seem familiar, our leading lady Beth ‘the Baker’ Harrison is Jake (What the Lightning Sees series) sister, Jake and Haven themselves feature in Indigo Nights, along with Luke and Ash (the Calling Me series)… I was just waiting for Ethan Scott to be walking through The Langham foyer and I would be in reading heaven!!!

Beth is a native Chicagoan now living in London, she has been baking for 4 years and has her own popular YouTube channel ‘The Chicago Baker’. She’s also an alcoholic, Beth has been sober for 4 years, 4 years in which she has poured her heart and soul into baking, and sobriety, these are the most important things in her life, along with her London based family. Beth was an easy character to warm too, she was upbeat, quirky, and best of all she ate cake, not just 1 tiny bite, but several different slices in one sitting!

Beth first meets Dylan on a flight from London to Chicago. The airline stuff were all buzzing about ‘Mr 8A’, she was intrigued, watching him board the plane had her body aroused in ways she hadn’t felt for years. But when their flight is cancelled and Mr 8A suggests a one night stand, it leads to a whole lot more….

Upper Class Suite by Simon Pengelly for Virgin Atlantic
Upper Class Suite by Simon Pengelly for Virgin Atlantic

Dylan James co-owns a successful investment company with his best friend Raf. He was in love once, Alicia his ex fiancée, who left him at the start of his career to marry a more wealthier older man, if only she’d have stuck around, Dylan is now one of the most wealthiest men in Chicago. Like all Louise’s alpha’s he’s extremely hot, straight dirty talking, dominant, and is use to getting what he wants. But throughout the book you saw his sensitivity to Beth’s alcoholism, compassion for her sobriety, her career and her family. It wasn’t all about them having sex, even though when it was, it was very hot and involved a few sticky moments…

Another great book by Louise Bay!

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