An Ounce Of Hope, Sophie Jackson

An Ounce of Hope (A Pound of Flesh, #2)An Ounce of Hope by Sophie Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An Ounce of Hope is the sequel to A Pound of Flesh, where we was first introduced to the character of bad boy Max O’Hare, cocaine addict and best friend of Wes Carter. Jumping straight into where APOF finished, Sophie’s focus in this book is what happens next for Max. As a reader I would suggest reading APOF before starting An Ounce of Hope.

In APOF Max had a healthy cocaine addiction, exaggerated by the loss of his son Christopher and his girlfriend/one true love Lizzie disappearing soon after, leaving Max devastated and heartbroken. To be honest I wasn’t Max’s biggest fan in APOF, but in this book he comes into his own, you get his back story, from when he met Wes until Lizzie left him, and you just want to bundle him up under a blanket, soothing him like a small child, as he goes through such emotional turmoil, you sometimes forget that he is actually a very hot sexy mess of a man that does have a conscience and a soul (deep inside).

As Max starts his recovery after leaving rehab, he desperately wants to get his life back on track, not his old life of women, partying hard and drugs, but a new life, a clean life, he isn’t thinking about relationships, ‘addicts are discouraged from getting involved in romantic relationships in the first 12 months of recovery’, he’s thinking how to get through the day battling his addiction, he’s no saint though and 1 night stands aren’t something he’s going to totally right off, he’s still a man.

Grace has a history of hurt, her abusive ex-husband had done a number on her and left her emotionally scarred. She’s now closed herself off to forming any relationship and has built a wall around her heart. Grace’s character, is funny, witty and charming, she’s an easy heroine to like, she doesn’t play up to her abusive past, and works on pushing her comfort zone and doing things for her, like building a house, working in a bar and her passion for photography.

Max and Grace’s love story isn’t an easy play by play, they are both closed off to being anything more than friends with each other, despite the chemistry and feelings they share, one because he wants to get clean and rebuild his life, the other because she doesn’t want to feel heartbreak again. What starts as a friendship, develops into more, and Grace’s feelings for Max is just something he feels he can’t reciprocate anytime soon. The second half of the book deals with the trials and tribulations of admitting their feelings towards each other and trying to carve out a path they are both happy with.

Sophie has done a great job carving out the right amount of angst, emotion and sex. She beautifully wrote about addiction, and the emotions that not just the addict but the people around them go through. I thought this was a great follow up to APOF, and would recommend, thank you Sophie!

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Source: REVIEW – An Ounce Of Hope – By – Sophie Jackson


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