The Infatuation: Josh & Kat Part 1, Lauren Rowe

The Infatuation: Josh and Kat Part I (The Club #5)The Infatuation: Josh and Kat Part I by Lauren Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shitballs this deserves ★★★★★’s ~ Reviewed by Lynsey

Fans of doe eyed, small, weak, needy heroine’s stop reading and move on as Kat Morgan is anything but… she’s Sarah’s best friend and she is feisty with a capital F! I absolutely adore her, she is my adopted BFF, we need a good girlie night out, dancing shoes and Patron a requirement! I find it difficult in books to warm to female characters, there is never that instant bond between us, it’s something that grows as I turn the pages, however, not Kat, I loved her in The Club trilogy (Jonas & Sarah’s story) and prayed she would get her own book, I nearly pee’d my pants when I found out she was getting 3 (or 4 you never know with Lauren). In the looks department Kat is probably everything I should despise, blue eyes, long blonde hair, killer body, but it’s her personality, she is just a more beautiful me 😉

Josh Josh Josh, they should be renamed the Fahrenheit brothers as they are scorching, Jonas is my love monkey, but Josh is quickly nipping at his heels, he is strong, powerful, super sexy all alpha and dirty as they come! He’s a playboy, and what do you get when you put together a playboy and party-girl, electricity that could power a small country.

The book goes back to the very first moments Josh eyes Kat walking across the room towards him, her beauty, her charm and her no nonsense straight talking, she is the perfect match for Josh. The book starts to fill in all the little puzzle pieces left in my head from the previous books and how they eventually hooked up, snippets of moments together they shared, that you didn’t really focus on previously or pay attention too as they weren’t the central characters are all revealed plus a whole load more of WTF’s. I can’t really go into the plot as I would just ruin it, you need to read for yourself.

The Infatuation has everything you’d expect from Lauren’s books, it has drama, belly laughs (plenty of those), emotion, off the charts hot sex. Lauren never disappoints and then it ends and you want to throttle her, but fortunately we don’t have to wait too long for The Revelation.

Thanks Lauren, you complete me xx

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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