First Touch, Laurelin Paige

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6 Stars ★★★★★★ reviewed by Lynsey

12278814_785380134941352_2847546052021279699_nLaurelin Paige is a must read for me, she could write a cook book, crochet book or kids book and I’d still be the first to buy it. This is the author that gave birth to Hudson Pierce, Hudson Pierce my ultimate alpha book boyfriend.

The character of Emily Wayborn was written perfectly, I’m all for an independent woman, and Emily oozes independence by the bucket load, she’s a strong character that knows exactly what she wants and goes and get’s it. The character of Reeve Salis (FYI Hudson Pierce owns me), but Reeve did a pretty good job trying to break those chains. Laurelin has taken alpha to a whole new level with this hot dominant specimen, a hotelier playboy he’s a 100 different alpha’s all neatly rolled up in to a perfectly tailored suit. This is one book that you can’t even begin to describe the plot, and do justice without giving anything away, you just have to read it for yourself, it’s packed with so much drive, fire and emotion, it just leaves you craving the 2nd book immediately, I have so much swimming around in my grey matter that I need June to hurry up and get’s its arse here!

first touch tour 4
Reading the first couple of chapters I flipped back to the cover to make sure I was reading a Laurelin Paige novel, it’s not like anything I’ve read from her before, and I’ve read them all, it’s a real rollercoaster of a read. I’ve read a few dark reads books recently, but First Touch is something beyond that, its dark, erotic, taboo, a love story, it’s a mystery one that every twist and turn had me punching the sides of my Kindle trying to turn the page quicker, and it’s still full of the hottest sex you’d expect from Laurelin, and more, scene’s that challenge your boundaries, again wondering if you really are reading a Paige novel. It will leave you panting, breathless and will get you clinching those thighs quicker than you can say ‘Reeve who?’.

This is my first ever 6 star review, I devoured this book in just over 5 hours, I had a ‘do not disturb’ front and centre on my forehead.

Laurelin the love I have for you is beyond words, I can’t wait to give you the biggest hug in June when you come to the Four Brits Book Fest signing, if I don’t break down in front of your table, obviously if I do just take the book from me, sign it ‘To Lynsey’ and I’ll crawl away after I’ve recovered.


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