Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March

4.5 ★★★★ Reviewed by Lynsey

Meghan March has done it again, what a way to kick start my Christmas holiday!!!

Dirty Pleasures is the 2nd book from the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, and picks straight up from the cliffhanger ending in Dirty Billionaire. Without spoilers, in this book Holly has just started out on tour, and Creighton is not willing to let his wife out of his sight and will do anything he can to make them work as Mr & Mrs Karas and not the sham everyone thinks they are. He’s dominant, protective and dirty. Just like Dirty Billionaire, it’s full of up, downs, twists and turns with plenty of hot dirty sex. It’s a short read, so you can whip through it in no time, BUT, it ends on another cliffhanger grrrrrrr I need book 3!!!!

I can’t wait to see how book 3 plays out for Holly and Creighton, as the first 2 books left you panting for more. Creighton Karas is in my top 20 all time alpha billionaires, and Dirty Billionaire/Pleasures has sneaked into our blogs Favourite Reads of 2015.

Thanks Meghan, can’t wait to get my hands on the paperbacks x


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