Tempting Alex Lucian

5 spanking stars ✶✶✶✶✶ ~ Lynsey

Professor Easton,
Please bend me over your desk and fuck me until it hurts.
Sincerely, Adele Morello


I was in a bit of funk after inhaling my last read, I still craved something hot, full of sex and a dirty talking alpha, hello Professor Easton! This isn’t just a Professor/Student fuckfest (well ok… but there is also a solid plot line to go with the fuckfest).

This book had me gripped from the beginning, there are some well written teacher/student romances and some really bad porn script DNF reads, but this book had me engaged the entire time. This is not your typical student/teacher romance which is a taboo read for some ladies, this book deals with Nathan’s struggles of dating his student, his feelings for her and the emotions she brings out in him, emotions that he’d locked away, the complications and damage it could do for not just his career and the Easton name but Adele’s future.

Adele Morello is super hot, she know’s what she wants and stalks it until it’s hers and ‘IT’ is Professor Nathan Easton. She’s also a funny, loveable character, with daddy issues due to her choice of university major in creative writing, this is all revealed in the book, the situation impacts her financially, faux leather jacket, thread bare rug, fridge with no food, but this all makes her the determined strong willed young lady she is.

Nathan Easton is a widower with a lot of guilt on his shoulders, he’s abstained from sex for 4 years until that fateful night when he went to a club, meet a girl, had the most amazing night of animalistic sex, she’d have bruises to remind her for days, it made him FEEL. He left her place only knowing her name, he wasn’t sure if he even had her real name, he didn’t take a number, he didn’t expect to see her again, until he walked into his lecture and saw Add sitting front and centre.

“We hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, just saliva.”

I didn’t realise until after I’d finished reading Tempting that this was Alex’s first published book, fantastically written, can’t wait to read more from you


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