The Fix Up, Tawna Fenske

✮✮✮✮ Belly Laughs ~ Lynsey

The Fix-Up is my first read by Tawna Fenske, I’ve read a few dark books lately and I was after a more light hearted read and when this dropped on my Kindle it sounded spot on.

It’s not a long book, alternating focus between Ben and Holly (I keep wanting to add Little Kingdom – Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom is a UK kids programme for those that don’t know).

Holly Colvin is a divorcee that runs a successful PR & Branding company. Her ex-husband blames her career for their break-up. you may expect her to be weak but she’s not, she’s fiery and funny but has put up walls that need knocking back down.

The male character Ben Langley is a highly intelligent incredibly attractive sci-fi geek (my ideal guy), that lacks social skills in the business world, he’s the new CEO of the family business Langley Enterprises, but his dad (a slimy womanising shit) doesn’t think he’s strong enough to handle the position and wants him to man-up.

A chance encounter at a furniture store where Holly rescues Ben from Vampira the Sales Queen, brings them together, they are chalk and cheese but Ben needs to re-brand himself whilst Holly needs the money to save her business from her ex. It should be win win… But it’s never that easy!

This was a funny, witty read, Tawna’s word play had me laughing out loud, I love geeky tech speak, and watch things like The Big Bang Theory, The IT Crowd, Chuck, and words like market penetration and “There’s the time Ben tried to pick up a woman by offering to defrag her hard drive.” have me giggling like a 38 yr old kid.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Fix-Up and look forward to reading more Tawna Fenske in the future


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