Corrupt, Penelope Douglas

✶✶✶✶ 4 stars for the 4 Horsemen ~ Lynsey

Corrupt is written as a dual POV, standalone read, alternating between present and past.

Everyone in Thunder Bay loves Rika, they think she is sweet and innocent. Having lost her father in a car accident, and her mother now finding solace in the bottom of a bottle, the Crist’s have taken Rika under their wing, she even has her own bedroom in their home. But she had a hidden darker side, she is infatuated by antics of the “4 Horsemen” 1 of them in particular Michael Crist has held her captivated since she was a young girl, she didn’t want to be sweet and innocent, she wanted him.

Past… One night a year, Devils Night, the 4 Horsemen rein terror on Thunder Bay, adults fear them, the kids want to be them, and no one touches them, they are protected, until that fateful night when a video is leaked of their ‘pranks’.

Present… The 4 Horseman have been away for 3 years, 3 of them in prison, whilst the remaining one plots their revenge from the outside, and now it’s Devil’s night again in Thunder Bay and the 4 Horseman have returned to wreak havoc on those that wronged them. Their bond is unbreakable, they are coming for Rika.

Rika wants to break free of the Thunder Bay confines and start living her life, having broken up with Trevor, Michael’s younger brother (who doesn’t quite understand the term ex) she moves to the city, starts a new college and believes she can start to spread her wings without the help of the Crist’s. She just happens to move unknowingly in the same building Michael lives. She wanted to move on with her life but everything points to Michael.

Michael Crist is from a very influential wealthy family in Thunder Bay, he’s handsome, popular and making a career for himself in basketball, alongside Kai, Damon and Will, his brothers from another mother, they are equally handsome, wealthy and influential, and together they make up the 4 Horseman.

Corrupt is a dark romance, and straddles very thin lines between what is consensual and what isn’t, same ladies may find it a little hard to swallow (no pun intended) as there are no hearts and flowers story lines but a lot of rough and tough love. However, the whole time reading this I had visions of 4 men in masks and hoodies coming out of the dark to take me and I was pretty turned on. Corrupt is the first book I read by Penelope Douglas, there’s a lot of back and forth between present and past, and plots and twists, and you do have to pay attention when reading. I thought it was well written, and touched boundaries that may make you gasp, one of the better reads of late.

I enjoyed Penelope’s writing style, I’ve just downloaded Misconduct!


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