Lawless, T.M. Frazier

✶✶✶✶ Stars ~ Lynsey

Lawless is the 3rd instalment of the King series, it continues on from Tyrant, but the focus is no longer on King and Doe as the central characters, but Bear and Thia, and the fallout from his saga in Tyrant. It’s not a standalone, you do need to have read the previous 2 instalments to be able to understand the full story.


It’s hard not to give too much away in case you have not yet read Tyrant. Bear is an ex-MC brother, Thia a small town girl with a big city attitude. I loved that Thia wasn’t a week female lead and her lady balls were as big as Bears, she’s not afraid of guns, the police or the MC, but she’s afraid of Bear, she’s afraid of loving and losing him. The love story from start to cliff hanger, yes it is a cliff hanger so be warned (you can pre-order Soulless now), starts out in a beautiful place you’re not quite sure where it is going to take you, but having read the previous 2 books and knowing the Evil Ginger T.M’s twisted mind, you know it’s not going to be where you think she is leading you.

I’m a huge Brantley King fan, and yes he does feature with Doe, but Bear doesn’t set my lady garden alight as much as King, but it’s still a must read for T.M fans, and having read an extract of Soulless, I know that’s going to pack a lot of punches.


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