Discovering Stella, K.M. Golland

Discovering StellaDiscovering Stella by K.M. Golland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reviewed by Mandy

I fell in love with Kelly and her books after reading The Temptation Series, she is definitely my favourite author, and one that I don’t need to read what the books are about I just get them and I knew Discovering Stella would be no different. There will be some serious fan girling when I see her so Kelly I apologise in advance!!
Stella is trying to escape her old life in Melbourne leaving everything behind her she heads to her stepbrother in the small town of Pittstown.
After breaking down on her way she is rescued from the side of the road by the ridiculously hot Pittstown
mechanic Lawson Drake. After what seemed like a friendly encounter Stella suddenly freaks out, alerting Lawson to the fact that something is not quite right with her and wonders what could of happened to this girl in the past that would make her react so badly. Could Lawson be the one to ‘Discover just who Stella is’
This was another fabulously written book by Kelly, I fell in love with Stella from the start, her first reaction to Lawson is heartbreaking and left me wondering just what could of happened to this girl. Its full of just about everything you could want from a book, Love Grief and when Stella’s walls start falling down you can’t help but feel everything she is feeling with her. Lawson is prepared to fight to help her and he will do just about anything to to help her no matter how hard she fights

This book is for mature audiences 18+ It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Stella Walker is twenty-six years old and hiding from a past that haunts her on a daily basis. In a desperate attempt to escape the torment of her memories, she tries to rebuild her life and move on.
She seeks the seclusion of a rural town and tracks down a distant relative who Stella knows will give help, but who is unaware of the past she is trying to flee.
What Stella doesn’t anticipate, is meeting Lawson Drake.
Lawson Drake is twenty-nine years old, a mechanic who owns an auto service and smash repairs shop. When he comes across a broken-down car by the side of the road, he is intrigued by its owner — a caramel-eyed brunette who clearly has a score to settle, not only with her defective vehicle, but with anyone who tries to get too close. The thing is, Lawson wants close. He wants more than close. He wants as close as he can possibly get.
Will Lawson discover who the real Stella is? Or will her defences prove to be too strong?

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