Ugly Love, Colleen Hoover

★★★★ ugly tears ~ Reviewed by Lynsey


17788401I loved every minute of my journey to/from work, big cheesy grin on my face as the story unfolds in my ears, some odd looks from my fellow road hogs for 4 days until one sunny Monday morning when those words ‘Chapter 32, Myles 6 years earlier’, Chapter freaking 32, queue one black suede 3 inch heel slamming down hard on the brake pedal, my heart is in my throat, my knuckles white gripping the wheel, I can’t breath, I frantically scramble around for tissues, big ugly tears rolling down my face, Maybelline waterproof mascara running rivers down my cheeks quite obviously not waterproof, I’m a mess, a big blubbering mess, it takes another 4 chapters until I recover, I sit in my office carpark fixing my panda eyes trying to digest this beautiful, tragic, sad, happy love story. I can’t wait to see this on the big screen, thank Colleen you made me want to get up for work



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