Friction, Sawyer Bennett

✶✶✶✶ ~ Lynsey

A good enjoyable standalone read with plenty of friction!

I had the pleasure of sitting in a quiet corner and losing myself for a few hours in Sawyer Bennett’s Friction. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Leary and Reeve, she’s a strong ball breaker and he is willing to be broken but on his terms. I think the balance of cat and mouse was perfect, Leary chasing Reeve, Reeve chasing Leary and Mr Chico Taco chasing anyone that will give him a head rub.

It’s refreshing to see a female lead being dominant and aggressive take what you want character, Leary did have a softer side, but I appreciated that it wasn’t the main feature of the story, and was just background material. The relationship between Leary and Ford was good reading, friends first and part time F buddy, again she’s not a naive wall flower, she’s female with desires, kind of sad not to see it develop, but then we wouldn’t read all about lace loving Reeve… I’d like to read more about Ford’s antics, maybe over some cheese and crackers.



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